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School Desegregation Heading Back to Court

October 24, 1995
By: Jeremy Brown
State Capital Bureau

St. Louisians should be paying attention to what's happening in Kansas City with school desegregation. For state officials say that K-C case may foretell what happens in the gateway city. Jeremy Brown has the story:

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In Kansas City, efforts to reach an out-of-court settlement in desegregation broke down.

Those negotiations came after a U.S. Supreme Court decision that cut back the state's share of the desegregation bill.

State Education Commissioner Bob Bartman says those K-C negotiations have gotten the attention of St. Louis officials:

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But Bartman says failure of the Kansas City negotiations does not, by any means, guarantee continued state funding -- for either K.C. or St. Louis.

Bartman says the state is prepared to go to the courts to continue the legal fights to cut state payments.

From the State Capitol, I'm Jeremy Brown.

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