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Highways Dept. to Ask Legislature to Borrow Money

October 28, 1995
By: Jeremy Brown
State Capital Bureau

The Highway and Transportation department's 15 year plan for Missouri's roads is going to fall 4.2 billion dollars short, and guess who is going to pay for it. Jeremy Brown reports from Jefferson City....

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The highway department is looking to the legislature to borrow one-half billion dollars. Any money raised will be used only in the short term-the next three years, and if additional funds are needed, they could ask for more.

The Highway Department's Public Affairs Coordinator Jim Coleman says that this money is needed to finish the urgent projects that were included in the 15 year plan....

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Contents: [113K WAV file - Highways spokesman says they must borrow $500 million to finish promised projects.]

Coleman says that the department is also trying to improve its efficiency in order to stay on budget and avoid any further requests for money.

From the State Capitol, I'm Jeremy Brown.

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