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Windows 95 Rejected by State

October 18, 1995
By: Candyce L. Clifft
State Capital Bureau

Governor Mel Carnahan says Missouri government will just have to wait on purchasing Windows 95. Candyce Clifft has the story from Jefferson City...

Story: WIN9502 Clifft
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The state administration vetoed Windows 95 because it doesn't support programs for the visually impaired. Governor Mel Carnahan says Missouri tries to make all state services handicap accessible. This includes computer use by state employees...

Actuality: Carnahan
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[99K WAV file - Gov. Carnahan says state will wait until Windows 95 is accessible to handicapped.]

Microsoft told the state its working on the problem. But, the administration says it won't include Windows 95 in the state's contract until it is fixed or until Microsoft shows considerable progress.

From the statehouse, I'm Candyce Clifft.

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