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Manual Late, Again

October 16, 1995
By: Phill Brooks
Missouri Capital Bureau

Missouri's Secretary of State plans to officially unveil the state's Official Manual on Wednesday. Phill Brooks has the story from JC:

Story: MAN001
RunTime: 46
OutCue: SOC

It's the official reference on state government. It's supposed to cover a two year period that began last January.

But like past manuals, it's coming out months this case, nine months late.

Secretary of State Bekki Cook says that's actually earlier than normal.

In fact, she speeded things up to get the manual out on the day that the law declares to be Missouri Day:

Actuality: MAN001
RunTime: 16
OutCue: "...people it."
Contents: [176K WAV file - Cook says Missouri Day is day to thank the Lord for Missouri.]

Cook says the delay cannot be avoided if the book will include the salaries of government employees for the current year.

Those salaries were not set until July.


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