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"Blue Book" Back to Blue

October 16, 1995
By: Phill Brooks
Missouri Capital Bureau

Missouri will return to its heritage Wednesday when Missouri's Secretary of State unveils the new official manual for state government. Phill Brooks has the story from Jefferson City:

Story: MAN002
RunTime: 45
OutCue: SOC

It's was more than a quarter of a century ago that the cover of the manuals departed from the state's heritage of dark blue.

Instead, the covers have been in powder blue, light blue, green, gold and a patriotic combination of red-white-and-blue.

The last manual was colored in what was called dusty rose...but really looked like pink.

It was Secretary of State Bekki Cook who made the decision to go back to the old, standard color of dark blue:

Actuality: MAN001
RunTime: 14
OutCue: "...and professionaly."
Contents: [125K WAV file - Cook says returning to blue indicates her office is back to business.]

By the way, it was Jimmy Kirkpatrick who abandoned the official dark-blue cover back in 1967.

At first, Kirkpatrick kept switching colors with every new manual.

But finally, he settled on green...a tie to his Irish name.


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