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Perot Forces Put Mo. After Calif.

October 25, 1995
By: Rich Kurz
State Capital Bureau

Election officials in California may determine the fate of Ross Perot's political party in Missouri. Rich Kurz reports from Jefferson City:

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Ross Perot's top Missouri staffer says there'll be no effort to get official standing for the party in the state until they see what happens in California.

In fact, there's so much interest in California that Missouri's United We Stand executive director Sandy McClure is California helping to get signatures for the party's efforts there:

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Contents: [101K WAV file - McClure says California is first because you can't have a national party without California.]

If United We Stand chooses to make a try in Missouri, it'll have plenty of time

The 10 thousand signatures needed in this state aren't due until next August.

At the state capitol, I'm Rich Kurz.

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