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GOP Worker's Comp. Proposal

State Capital Bureau

January 16, 1995

JEFFERSON CITY _ The key changes that a workers compensation bill introduced by Sen. Franc Flotron, R-St.Louis County, and Sen. John Scott, D-St. Louis, include:

@|Employees would only be able to collect workers compensation only if they can prove that there is clear and convincing evidence that work contributed to the accident. Work must play 51 percent or more of a factor in producing an injury.

@|The employee will not be able to collect workers compensation for the aggravation of a pre-existing condition, except to the extent that work causes the disability to worsen.

@|Worker's compensation coverage would be denied in any case in which alcohol or a narcotic drug played a large part in causing the accident.

@|Coverage also would be denied in an accident caused while a worker is engaged in horseplay _ which is defined as rough, rude or boisterous play or prankish behavior.

@|Workers could not get temporary total or temporary partial or permanent total disability under the workers compensation law for any week that employee has received or is receiving unemployment compensation benefits.

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