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Carnahan 1992 Campaign Contributions

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This page searches data for the last campaign finance report for Mel Carnahan's 1992 campaign for governor. It was the last general election before voter-approved campaign finance limits were applied.

Until those limits were repealed by the legislature in 2008, campaign contribution reports became far less meaningful. Major contributors ended up funneling money through various committee transfers that were almost impossible to track.

In 1992, contributors did not have to disclose their occupations. Also, microcomputers were not in widespread use. As a result, you may find duplicate listings for contributers and amount totals that do not match the itemized list of contributions. Those kind of errors were not uncommon in the era of paper records.

Note that the contributor disclosure list does not represent the total amount of money received by a campaign. Smaller contributions did not have to be reported.

Finally, a maximum of only 3000 records will be displayed. If you get a warning that the maximum number of items has been reached, try restricting your search. Contributors are displayed in the order of the size of the contribution, with the largest first.

This is believed to be the only on-line record of the 1992 contributions and was obtained by scanning Carnahan's paper disclosure reports and running them through a text-recognition program.

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