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Missouri House Votes for Abortion Restrictions

April 15, 1996
By: Adam Levine
State Capital Bureau

The Missouri House votes to impose further restrictions on abortions. Adam Levine has the story from Jefferson City.

Story: Adam Levine
OutCue: SOC

The House passed an abortion bill creating new requirements for abortion seekers, doctors and abortion clinics. Under the bill abortions must be performed in a medical facility.

Also, a physician must remain with the patient unitl the patient is discharged.

Physicans will be required to have malpractice insurance of $500,000 set aside for botched abortions. Charles Troupe of St. Louis voiced his dissent against the bill.

Actuality: Charles Troupe
RunTime: :15
OutCue: "... are more intrusive."
Contents: Troupe says why are we discriminating against doctors who perform abortions in setting standards and criteria for those doctors when we don't set criteria for other physicians whose procedures are more intrusive.

Bill Sponsor Pat O'Conner says his goal is to protect patients against doctors without any malpractice insurance.

The bill will move to the Senate next.

From the State Capitol, I'm Adam Levine.

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