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House Approves Tougher Restrictions on Abortion Doctors

April 15, 1996
By: Adam Levine
State Capital Bureau

The Missouri House approves tougher restrictions on physicans who perform abortions. Adam Levine has the story from Jefferson City.

Story: Adam Levine
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The bill requires abortion specific malpractice insurance for physicans of $500,000. Additionally, physicans must stay with their patients until they are discharged. All physicans performing abortions must also have clinical privledges at a hospital within the county the abortion is performed. Republican representative Luann Ridgeway of Smithville is the co-sponsor of the bill.

Actuality: Luann Ridgeway
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Contents: Ridgeway says how many women is enough to die in an abortion clinic facility before we take a few more steps just to raise this to the standard we have of most other medical procedures in the state of Missouri.

Democrat Mike Schilling of Springfield says the bill is dangerous becuase hospitals could turn down a qualified doctor and effectively block their ability to perform abortions.

The bill will be considered by the Senate next.

From the State Capitol, I'm Adam Levine.

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