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Women's Version of the Abortion Bill Defeated in the Senate

May 15, 1996
By: Candyce Clifft
State Capital Bureau

Senators said no to an abortion bill sponsored by the three women in the Senate. Candyce Clifft has that story from Jefferson City...

OutCue: SOC

The women sponsored their own version of the abortion bill, calling it a pro-women, pro-children bill. An impassioned debate followed, led by St. Louis County Senator Betty Simms. And Simms words were echoing in the halls as female staffers listened to the debate on the speakers in their offices...

OutCue: Good goin' Senator
Contents: They're really cheering us on as the women of the Senate, so I say to my colleagues, be really careful how you vote. (Howard): Good goin' Senator.

Even after the women's version was defeated, female staffers sent them balloons in support. The three women sponsors are Republicans, and none of their GOP colleagues voted for their version of the bill. Candyce Clifft, KMOX News, Jefferson City.

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