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Women Senators Say They Won't Give Up After Abortion Defeat

May 15, 1996
By: Candyce Clifft
State Capital Bureau

Three women in the Senate call the defeat of their version of the abortion bill, a loss for women. Candyce Clifft reports from Jefferson City...

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After none of their male, Republican colleagues voted with them, the team of three women in the Senate saw their version of the abortion bill defeated. Senator Irene Treppler says she thinks some Senators fell in line with their colleagues and voted without ever reading the bill. Senator Betty Simms...

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Contents: I think that last vote we made was very difficult for all three of us, and to be able to say we would stick together as a team was important. And we told the truth every minute of the way.

Simms says she is disappointed with the vote...but she says she will sleep well knowing she tried. She also says the defeat won't stop them. Candyce Clifft, KMOX News, Jefferson City.

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