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Abortion Bill Passes

April 3, 1996
By: Kelly Just
State Capital Bureau

Members of Missouri's House have agreed to allow more government control over the state's abortion clinics.

Kelly Just reports from Jefferson City.

Story:Kelly Just
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After just seven minutes of debate, legislators voted in favor of a series of abortion bills.

However, an amendment that requires yearly inspections of medical clinics is being met with strong criticism.

Crystal Williams of Planned Parenthood says the Department of Health has been given too much power to hand out licenses and decide which facilities can operate in the state.

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[199K WAV file - Williams says that a powerful Department of Health isn't a problem with a friendly government in power, but that the clinics could be kept from providing services with an unfriendly administration.]

Williams says that with the Roe versus Wade decision legalizing abortion, right to life forces can only fight back by making it more difficult to have the procedure.

Supporters of the bill say patient safety is their only motive.

From the State Capital, I'm Kelly Just.

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