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Abortion Bill Gets House Support

April 3, 1996
By: Kelly Just
State Capital Bureau

Missouri's House has voted to keep a closer eye on Missouri's abortion clinics. Kelly Just has the story from Jefferson City.

Story:Kelly Just
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Members of the Missouri House have approved a bill for stricter standards on abortion clinics, including yearly inspection of the facilities.

Missouri Right to Life lobbyist, Deborah Buckner says the bill is not meant to make it tougher to get an abortion in this state.

She says safety is the only motivation behind the measure.

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[120K WAV file - Buckner says this bill meets many of the safety requirements abortion proponents have been demanding. She says the measure makes abortion safe for women who chose that option.]

Buckner is calling the measure a pro-life bill. She says that even though a baby's life will be lost through an abortion, the new standards will make sure mothers receive the proper care and survive the procedure.

The bill will next be heard in the Senate.

From the State Capital, I'm Kelly Just.

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