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Will the Governor Sign An Abortion Bill?

April 24, 1996
By: Kimberly Lohman
State Capital Bureau

The Senate anti-abortion rights leader says a controversial measure to require women seeking an abortion to consult a caregiver is still alive. Kimberly Lohman reports from Jefferson City.

Story:Kimberly Lohman
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Getting a pro-abortion rights governor to support a bill he vetoed last year may seem like an impossible mission, but Senate Judiciary chairman John Schneider says he wants to give Carnahan an abortion bill he can sign. The governor promises to reject a bill that forces women to consult anyone. Schneider says his bill lets women choose where to get their counseling.

Actuality:John Schneider
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Contents: [127K WAV file - Schneider says he is inclined to move in the governor's direction and wants to work something out that will be acceptable to him. ]

Schneider also says that if the governor will increase funding for the Health Department's Tellink program, he could drop the caregiver requirement. However, Planned Parenthood says Schneider's overriding goal is blocking access to abortions.

From the state capitol, I'm Kimberly Lohman.

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