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Governor Threatens Veto on Abortion

May 1, 1996
By: Kimberly Lohman
State Capital Bureau

Governor Carnahan announced he will veto a bill that places any restrictions on womens' access to abortion. Kimberly Lohman in Jefferson City reports.

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The governor has repeatedly stated that every woman needing help with a pregnancy should have access to voluntary, confidential, and reliable information. To meet those objectives, Senate anti-abortion rights leader John Schneider has written a bill that expands the Health Department's successful Tel-Link referral program. Schneider wants Tel-Link operators to advise women about alternatives to abortion. Carnahan says this is an anti-choice trick.

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Catholic conference lobbyist Lou Defeo says he was surprised by the governor's strong opposition. Defeo says the next step is to put the abortion restriction issue to the voters.

From the state capitol, I'm Kimberly Lohman.

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