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Race Arguements spur Senate scholarship bill

May 2, 1996
By: Conrad Jungmann
State Capital Bureau

An emotionally charged Senate heatedly debated a bill that will give minorities special scholastic scholarships. Conrad Jungmann has that story from the capital:

OutCue: SOC

Some white Senators argued that a scholarship based solely on race goes against the principles of the Civil Rights movement of the 60's. Cape Girardeau Senator Peter Kinder says the bill is a noble cause, but the scholarship needs to be based on merit, background and abilities, as well:

Actuality:Peter Kinder
Contents: Kinder says that a scholarship based solely on race goes against the preachings of Martin Luther King's movement of the 1960's.

The bill did pass and is now on its way to the House before reaching the govenor's desk for final approval. From Jefferson City, I'm Conrad Jungmann.

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