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Catholic Conference to Use House Chamber

August 29, 1996
By: Jennifer Horton
State Capital Bureau

Saturday the Missouri Catholic Conference meets in Jefferson City for its first annual assembly. Jennifer Horton tells us about its plans to use the capital building for the meeting.

Story:Jennifer Horton
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According to the Chief Clerk's office, opening the rooms for the Catholic Conference means extra pay for building employees.

But the Missouri constitution explicitly forbids using state money to support a religious group directly or indirectly.

Missouri Catholic Conference spokeswoman Martha Schieber (SHE-ber), says this is not an issue.

Actuality:Martha Schieber
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OutCue: "taxpaying citizens."
Contents: She says the Catholics are taxpayers and as far as she knows, no taxpayer has ever been kept from the use of the building.

The legislature must pass a resolution to allow any group access to the committee hearing rooms or chambers.

From Jefferson City, I'm Jennifer Horton.

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