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Cockfighting Amendment Takes Attention From Abortion

May 14, 1996
By: Candyce Clifft
State Capital Bureau

Instead of discussing abortion, as scheduled, the Senate ranted and raved over raising fighting birds for sport in Missouri. Candyce Clifft has that story from Jefferson City...

OutCue: SOC

St. Louis City Senator John Scott has tried for several years to make raising gamecocks in Missouri illegal, and this year he tried once again.

But, Rural Senator Danny Staples gave a fiery speech opposing it...

OutCue: by the Almighty
Contents: [216K WAV file - Staples asks since people kill, how can you tell if a chick will grow up to be a killer rooster.]

Several major issues like safe schools, taxes and abortions remain undecided in the Senate...and the session ends Friday afternoon. Candyce Clifft, KMOX News, Jefferson City.

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