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Daniels Elected Speaker Pro Tem

January 10, 1996
By: Candyce L. Clifft
State Capital Bureau

For the first time in Missouri history, a black holds one of the top leadership slots in the House. Candyce Clifft has more from Jefferson City..

OutCue: SOC

Daniels was Republican favorite last year when the GOP tried to win over Black Democrats in the House. This year he voted for the Republican candidate in the first attempt to elect a house speaker. Daniels says this sends a message to House Democrats that Black Caucus votes should not be taken for granted...

Actuality: Daniels
RunTime: 10
OutCue: been the outcome.
Contents: I've never been disloyal to the party. I was just out there to give a wake-up call, and this has been the outcome.

Daniels says his election means Democrats are listening to a variety of views. He says this was a step forward for the Missouri House. From the state capitol, I'm Candyce Clifft.

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