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Leadership Slot Demanded

January 3, 1996
By: Karen Fogg
State Capital Bureau
The long-anticipated election for the new House Speaker was delayed -- due to a boycott by the Black Caucus. Karen Fogg has the story from the State Capitol:

Democrats were held hostage during the brief House session, reluctanct to hold a vote for House speaker until they heard the demands of the 12-member Black Caucus.

One member of the caucus, St. Louis Representative Russell Goward, says its time blacks were represented in more leadership positions.

Actuality: GOWARD01.WAV
Contents: [242K WAV file - Black Caucus Member Goward says they want a black majority leader in exchange for their votes.]
Without the support of the Black Caucus, Democrats would be unable to elect their candidate for House speaker.

From the State Capitol, I'm Karen Fogg.

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