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House Gridlock Continues

January 4, 1996
By: Karen Fogg
State Capital Bureau
The House Speaker stalemate drags on as House Democrats meet behind closed doors in an effort to sway dissident Democrats and Black Caucus members. Karen Fogg reports from Jefferson City.

For the second day in a row, action in Missouri's House has stalled as Democrats try to line up the votes to elect their nominee for House Speaker.

Departing House Speaker Bob GriffIn says they will take as many hours or days as they need to gain a consensus.

Actuality: GRIFF01.WAV
Contents: [66K WAV file - Griffin noted California's legislature took weeks of inaction to settle its legislative leadership fight.]
Griffen says he'll be meeting with different groups throughout the day to try and work out their differences.

From Jefferson City, I'm Karen Fogg.

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