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GOP Seeks Speaker Ouster

January 4, 1996
By: Adrienne Baughman
State Capital Bureau

A top Republican leader says now they've got the votes to oust Bob Griffin has Missouri's House Speaker.

Adrienne Boff-Man has the story from Jefferson City.

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Republican Whip Don Lograsso says that on Monday, they'll file a motion to formally oust Bob Griffin.

And Lograsso says they've got the votes to do it.

Contents: [80K WAV file - The House Republican Whip says they have the votes to oust Democrat Bob Griffin as speaker.]

Lograsso wouldn't cite names on the petition -- but they've got to have some Democrats. Republicans, alone, do not have enough votes to remove Griffin.

Logrosso says he's content to let Speaker Pro Tem Jim Barns serve out the session in Griffin's place in the high post.

From the State Capitol, I'm Adrienne Baughman.

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