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Blast the Doves

August 27, 1996
By: Jennifer Horton
State Capital Bureau

This Sunday marks the opening of dove hunting season in Missouri. Reporter Jennifer Horton tells us the bird is a local delicacy.

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Why would anyone want to kill these harmless doves?

Taste is the most compelling reason.

State conservation department biologist Dave Graber hunts the birds and says they makes a delicious appetizer.

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Contents: Graber says the birds are great grilled or even fried. He added that one can not just go to the store and buy dove meat for dinner.

Dove hunting season is short in Missouri, only 60 days a year.

Anyone over the age of 16 can get a permit to hunt these birds with a state drivers license, a short firearm safety class and thirteen dollars.

From Jefferson City, I'm Jennifer Horton.

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