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English-Only Supported by the House

March 29, 1996
By: Jack Dolan
State Capital Bureau

The House gives overwhelming preliminary support to a ban on publication of state documents, like driver's liscences, in foriegn languages, Jack Dolan has the story from Jefferson City.

OutCue: SOC

The English-only bill's sponsor, Dick Franklin of Independence, says he wants to encourage immigrants to learn English as quickly as possible. Kansas City Representative Steve McKluckie, who opposes the bill, says it could mean even invitations to public English as Second Language classes would have to be printed in English only, which the people who need the classes couldn't read. McKluckie:

OutCue: ...get a job.
Contents: McKluckie says he thinks by solving a non-problem the legislature is making a multitude of problems. We are making it difficult for people to get training and get a job.

On Thursday, the House amended the bill to protect sign language services for the hearing impaired. The bill faces one more vote before moving to the Senate. From Jefferson City, I'm Jack Dolan.

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