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House Debate Over English-Only Bill

March 27, 1996
By: Kimberly Lohman
State Capital Bureau

A drive to make Missouri the twenty-fourth state to enact an English-only law has been met with tongue-in-cheek opposition in the House. Kimberly Lohman (low-man) in Jefferson City has the story.

Story:Kimberly Lohman

Independence Representative Dick Franklin is determined to make English Missouri's official language. But members opposing the bill, such as Kansas City's Steve McLuckie, are offering and then with-drawing so-called frivolous amendments just to make a point. After a humorous attempt to read the Latin inscription on Missouri's state seal, McLuckie asked Franklin if the symbol would have to be changed to accommodate the English-only law. Representative Franklin -

Actuality:Rep. Franklin
OutCue: Eighty percent (applause)
Contents: I don't know what it says either, but it says something like let the will of the people be the supreme law. Eighty percent - (applause)

Franklin says keeping his bill amendment-free increases its chances for passage. Debate will resume Thursday.

From the state capitol, I'm Kimberly Lohman.

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