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Business pollution records secrecy proposed in Senate.

January 30, 1996
By: Candyce Clifft
State Capital Bureau

Companies which violate state environmental codes would be able to keep their records private under a measure before the Missouri legislature. Candyce Clifft reports from Jefferson City...

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A Senate committee is debating whether to make companies' environmental records accessible to the public.

Audobon Council lobbyist Scott Pennman says citizens have a right to know if companies violate state laws.

But, Central Missouri Senator Larry Rohrbach says it will only lead to more lawsuits:

Actuality: Rohrbach
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Contents: [83K WAV file - Sen. Rohrbach says it would be easier for citizens to use a company's records against it.]

Rohrbach says keeping the findings private will encourage more self-audits. All findings would still be reported to the Natural Resources Department.

From the statehouse, I'm Candyce Clifft.

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