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Colorful Fall Predicted

October 15, 1996
By: Ciprian Baltoiu
State Capital Bureau

Anchor introduction :

We can admire the beautiful colors of this fall until the first heavy rain comes. Why? Ciprian Baltoiu tell us more from Jefferson City.

Ciprian Baltoiu
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One of Missouri's tree experts predicts it's going to be spectacular fall.

The sugar maple, ashe, sasafras and sumac trees have the most colorful leaves right now in Central Missouri.

The oak trees' leaves are expected to change a little later. You can enjoy autumn's vibrant colors for a while longer... or at least until the first heavy rain. Bruce Palmer is a forest tree information specialist at the Department of Conservation

Actuality: Bruce Palmer
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Contents: A hard rain or real windy conditions,physically removes the leaves from the tree,that will short the links of nice color.

For Central Missouri, the weather is expected to be nice through next weekend. So we can see those beautiful colors on the trees for antoher week.

From the State Capitol I'm Ciprian Baltoiu

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