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Flooding in Missouri Spurs House into Action

May 7, 1996
By: Adam Levine
State Capital Bureau

The thunder and rain continue as the Missouri House swells with flood related legislation. Adam Levine reports from Jefferson City.

Story: Adam Levine
OutCue: SOC

The House gave initial approval to a proposal which would create the Division of Flood Management. This division would implement floodplain management policies for counties without existing planning and zoning boards. Bill sponsor Gary Wiggins of Kansas City says he wants to make sure that smaller counties get federal flood insurance and are thus eligable for emergency relief. The bill also prevents money from state economic development programs to go towards property development on floodplains. House representative Charles Nordwald of Warrenton opposes the bill.

Actuality: Charles Nordwald
OutCue: "... level of beauracracy."
Contents: [160K WAV file - Norwald says that this peice of legislation is just another attempt by big brother government to step into the private sector and to our private lives and impose another level of beauracracy.]

The bill faces one more vote in the House and then will return to the Senate floor.

From the State Capitol, I'm Adam Levine.

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