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Overwhelming Majority Passes Hog Farm Bill

May 16, 1996
By: Adam Levine
State Capital Bureau

Tougher environmental rules for large hog farm operations passed by an overwhelming majority in the Missouri legislature. Adam Levine reports from Jefferson City.

Story: Levine
OutCue: SOC

After consideration from both sides of the conflict, both the Senate and the House approved a committee conference report which establishes buffer zones between farms and neighboring properties. Additionally, farms or factories have to notify communities when they decide to build new plants. The Natural Resources Department will oversee construction, permits, operation, management and subsequent environmental testing for larger facilities. North West Missouri Democrat Phil Tate is the bill's sponsor in the House.

Actuality: Tate
OutCue: "... very near future."
Contents: [148K WAV file - Tate says if we see a clash here on the regulation of the swine industry and sensitive water sheds, it will pale in comparison as to what is coming down the pike as far as river contamination from fertilizers and chemicals in the very near future.]

Tate says that even though people in the agricultural business want to make a profit, they must be aware and sensitive to environmental concerns.

After the Governor reviews the bill it is expected he will sign it in a few weeks. From the state capitol, I'm Adam Levine.

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