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Livestock Regulation Bills

February 09, 1996
By: Lara Hearnburg
State Capital Bureau

JEFFERSON CITY - The House Agriculture Committee is considering six different proposals on regulating Missouri farmers:

* Rep. Tom Marshall, D-Marshall, is sponsoring two proposals that would establish an Intensive Livestock Agriculture Commission. The commission would regulate all farms, and would be funded through fees collected from the farms.

  1. Rep. Phil Tate, D-Gallatin, and Rep. Don Summers, R-Unionville, are cosponsoring a bill that would regulate only class 1A (over 7,000 animal units) farms.
  2. Rep. Sam Leake, D-Laddonia, and Rep. Garry Wiggins, D-New Cambria, are cosponsoring a proposal that would regulate the closing procedures of large farms.
  3. Rep. Dale Whiteside, R-Chillicothe, is sponsoring a proposal that would remove class 1A farms' eligibility for state tax credits or deductions, or other state economic assistance.
  4. Rep. Jim Howerton, R-Chilhowee, is sponsoring a proposal that would exempt certain farms from Department of Natural Resource rules, and county and township ordinances that go beyond federal requirements. Anyone who has been engaged in farming before 1990, and has not been cited for a violation within the last five years would be exempt under this proposal.

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