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Democrats Lack Votes

January 4, 1996
By: Adrienne Baughman
State Capital Bureau

The leading candidate for Speaker of the House is ready to listen to the Black Caucus's demands. He should, they hold the votes he needs to get elected. Adrienne Boff-man has the story from Jefferson City.

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Sam Leake, the farmer from Ladonia doesn't have the votes to win Speaker of the House without support from the Black Caucus.

Members of the caucus, led by Paula Carter of St. Louis, have complained about the absence of blacks in top House leadership posts.

Leake and Carter met briefly last night. No agreement was reached, but Leake did express

Actuality: Leake
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Contents: [134K WAV file - Leake says he's inclusive and wants to sit down with the caucus and discuss their concerns.]

The Black Caucus could give Leke 10 votes to put him into what some call the state's most powerful position: Speaker of the House.

From the State Capitol, I'm Adrienne Baughman.

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