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Liquor Advertising In Black Communities

May 6, 1996
By: Beryl Chong
State Capital Bureau

Missouri's House has rejected efforts by black legislators to restrict liquor advertising in the black, inner cities of the state. Beryl Chong has the story from Jefferson City:

Black representative Quincy Troupe introduced an amendment to a Senate Liquor Bill that would forbid the advertising of alcohol in high crime areas and in African American communities.

According to Representative Troupe, alcohol brought about more premature deaths than any other drug.

Actuality:Representative Quincy Troupe
RunTime: :28
OutCue: "asking a lot."
Contents: Rep Troupe says liquor is the number one killer in his district.

Representative Troupe's amendment was defeated... However, the bill goes back to the Senate where Senators will vote on any amendments the House passed.

In Jefferson City, I'm Beryl Chong.

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