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McBride Bill on to Governor

May 16, 1996
By: Jack Dolan
State Capital Bureau

A bill that would make it easier to involuntarily commit someone for psychiatric treatment is on it's way to the Governor after a vote of approval in the Senate. Jack Doaln has the story from Jefferson City.

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The measure known as the McBride bill, is one step away from becoming law. It would enable the state to commit someone with a history of serious mental illness without proving that person is, or will become, violent. A house amendment, adopted by the senate on Thursday, would also reduce the frequency of appeals for release by those hospitalized under NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY rulings. Under the amendment, appeals from such patients would be heard once a year instead of every six months, which is the current law. Boone Senator Joe Moseley sponsored the bill.

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Contents: Moseley says he used to be a public defender representing Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity patients and that their petitions came in like clockwork. He says this measure is an attempt to limit spurious petitions.

Under the bill, hearings for these appeals will be held in the same court that committed the patient, instead of probate court where the patient is hospitalized. Moseley says it's worth the expense of transporting the patient in order to get the best informed court ruling on the appeal. From Jefferson City, I'm Jack Dolan.

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