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The McBride Bill Passes The House

May 15, 1996
By: Kelly Just
State Capital Bureau

The Missouri House has approved a bill that would allow better access to the state's mental health facilities. Kelly Just reports from Jefferson City.

Story:Kelly Just
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Members voted unanimously to adopt the so-called McBride bill.

The measure gives family members the power to treat a mentally ill person before they have hurt themselves or someone other words, involuntary commitment.

Until now, most courts needed proof that physical harm had already happened before agreeing to such a commitment.

The bill also makes it more difficult for mental patients to get released from state facilities, if they have been found not guilty of committing a dangerous crime by reason of insanity.

Bill Sponsor, Gary Witt says his measure is meant to protect both the public and the mentally ill.

Despite a few changes made to the bill by the House, Witt says he doesn't expect opposition when the measure moves to the Senate.

From the State Capital, Kelly Just...KMOX news.

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