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McBride Bill Takes Another Step In The Missouri House

May 15, 1996
By: Kelly Just
State Capital Bureau

Getting treatment for the mentally ill should be an easier process under a bill passed by the Missouri House. Kelly Just has the story from the State Capital.

Story:Kelly Just
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Under the bill, family members no longer have to wait until someone is hurt before getting treatment for a mentally ill person.

The measure would allow involuntary commitments to state facilities and provide out-patient services in some cases.

St. Joseph Representative, Charles Shields says the measure gives Missouri a chance to take a leap forward in it's care of the mentally ill.

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Contents: [287K WAV file - Shields notes that the bad old days when mental patients suffered horrible conditions are not that long ago. He says the bill will continue to advance the care of the mentally ill.]

The bill was given unanimous support by the House.

It must still be passed in the Senate before making it to the Governor's desk.

From Jefferson City, Kelly Just...KMOX news.

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