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McBride Bill Approved

April 16, 1996
By: Jack Dolan
State Capital Bureau

The senate voted to make it easier to committ people with a history of mental illness. Jack Dolan has the story from Jefferson City.

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Under current Missouri law, it must be proved that a mentally ill person poses a threat of physical harm to himself or others, before he can be locked-up for psychiatric treatment.

Columbia Senator Joe Moseley sponsored a senate bill that would allow judges to committ someone with a history of serious mental illness without proving they pose a physical threat.

Actuality: Moseley
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Contents: Mosely says this a means of treating people before they get to the point of posing a physical threat.

Moseley's bill also allows a 180 day supervised outpatient program as an alternative to the twenty-one day institutionalization recommended under current law. The bill faces one more vote in the senate before moving on to the House.

From Jefferson City, I'm Jack Dolan.

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