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Selling Of Human Remains To Be Outlawed

May 7, 1996
By: Brian Higgins
State Capital Bureau

The Missouri Senate cracks down on the selling of human remains. Brian Higgins has more from Jefferson City.

Story:Brian Higgins
OutCue: SOC

The trafficing of bones and funeral artifacts was dealt a blow in the Senate. In an effort to cut down on a rather odd business, the Senate passed a bill making it a crime to sell human remains. Northern Missouri Senator Sam Graves says there is a big business for human remains.

Actuality:Senator Graves
RunTime: 8 sx
OutCue: of $5,000 dollars
Contents: Senator Graves says a human skull was recently sold for $5,000.

Originally the bill was concerned only with Native American remains but after reconsideration it was amended to include any human remains. The bill now goes to Governor for his approval. From the Capitol, I'm Brian Higgins.

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