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Same Sex Bill goes to House Committee

May 14, 1996
By: Beryl Chong
State Capital Bureau

A bill passed by the senate that bans same sex marriages comes before the House Judiciary Committee this morning. Beryl Chong reports from Jefferson City.

Representative Glenn Hall says Hawaii Courts are expected to legalize same sex marriages.

If that happens, Hall says homosexual couple from Missouri can go to Hawaii, get married an return to Missouri as legally married partners.

Actuality:Representative Glenn Hall
OutCue: "decay of our society."
Contents: [209K WAV file - Representative Hall says homosexuality is immoral and will lead to the downfall of our society.]

While the bill cleared the Senate by an overwhelming margin and faces little apparent opposition in the House, it faces an uphill fight with just 3 days left in the legislative session.

In Jefferson City, I'm Beryl Chong.

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