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Sales Tax Placed on Ballot

September 6, 1996
By: David Freitas
State Capital Bureau

This November, Missouri voters will have a chance to choose whether or not they want to keep a current state sales tax.

David Freitas (Fray-tus) has the story from Jefferson City.

Story:David Freitas (Fray-tus)
OutCue: SOC

Missouri used to have the second worst soil ersoion problem in the country.

Now it's improved to seventh.

The Citizens' Committee for Soil, Water and Parks says that's because of a one-tenth of a percent sales and use tax that went into effect in 1984.

They say the tax has helped cut soil erosion in the state in half and made a dramatic improvement in the states park system.

Now the issue of continuing the tax is on the ballot.

The Citizens' Committee spokesman, Estil Fretwell, says the intiative has wide support.

Actuality:Estil Fretwell/Citizens' Committee for Soil, Water and Parks
RunTime: :11
OutCue: "...value in the program."
Contents: [111K WAV file - Fretwell says the measure has support in urban and rural areas.]

If voters approve the tax, it be in effect until the year 2008.

David Freitas reporting from the Capital.

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