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Black Caucus Demands

January 4, 1996
By: Phill Brooks
State Capital Bureau
Missouri's legislature has adjourned for the week with no solution in sight to the political gridlock that's locked up the Missouri House. Phill Brooks has the story from Jefferson City:

Missouri's Legislative Black Caucus continued its refusal to support the Democratic nominee for House Speaker

The Democratic nominee for House Speaker did meet with the Black Caucus -- but no agreement emrged.

In fact, the Black Caucus seemed to have broadened their demands to include a wide range of issues going far beyond the internal workings of the legislature.

Kansas City Black Democrat Lloyd Daniel:

Actuality: Daniel
Contents: [136K WAV file - K.C. Black Caucus member Lloyd Daniel says the caucus is demanding fair treatment in state contracts and employment.]
As blacks continued their boycot, word came that Republicans were searching for an alternative candidate as House -- a Democrat who would promise a greater role for Republcans and who also could garner the half-dozen Democratic votes needed to win.


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