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House Fails to Elect Speaker

January 8, 1996
By: Karen Fogg
State Capital Bureau

Day three of the House Speaker crisis sees a breakthrough as a vote is taken, but Bob Griffen is still the man in charge. Karen Fogg reports from the State Capitol.

In a bizarre twist, five Democrats crossed party lines and voted Republican, while Black Caucus members voided the election by refusing to vote and thus dening either candidate a majority.

Republican Leader Mark Richardson took the lead over Democrat Sam Leake, but Richardson didn't get the majority needed to put him in the House Speakers' seat.

Immediately after the vote, Bob Griffen ajourned House without further action.

And he again rejected Republican calls for him to resign:

RunTime: 15
OutCue: ...during this session
Contents: [162K WAV file - Griffin reaffirms he will not resign until a House speaker is elected to replace him] .
Griffen says he'll let the Democrats decide if they want to choose a nominee other than Sam Leake.

From the State Capitol, I'm Karen Fogg.

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