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Voters May Decide on Concealed Weapons

March 26, 1996
By: Jack Dolan
State Capital Bureau

The Missouri Senate agreed to let the voters - not the governor - decide what to do with the politically sensitive issue of concealed weapons - if it can ever get out of the legislature, Jack Dolan has the story from Jefferson City.

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After impassioned debate, and a controversial vote that had to be taken twice, the Senate narrowly approved an amendment that would send the concealed weapons bill to a public referendum. This would allow the bill to circumvent the governor, who is expected to veto the bill. Republican Peter Kinder from Cape Girardeau, said he he opposes letting governor Carnahan off that hook.

OutCue: an election year.
Contents: Kinder says he wants the governor to have to make the decision he is paid to make in an election year.

The bill's sponsor, Democrat Danny Staples from Eminence, says he'll try to move the bill towards a vote before the end of the week.

From Jefferson City, I'm Jack Dolan.

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