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Web worms won't influence the trees' health

September 3, 1996
By: Adam Czerwinski
State Capital Bureau

This fall we can see a lot of damage done by web worms on the trees in Missouri. But you don't have to worry about your gardens, it has not any influence on the health of the trees

Adam Czerwinski reports from Jefferson City

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This year we've had a very cool and wet summer and it seems to influence a lot the trees in Missouri.

Sue Burks from Forestry office in Missouri's Conservation Department says that the web worms population has increased slowly during past years but this year the number of affected trees was exceptionally large.

The mild summer caused the trees to produce more leaves which, in turn, provides more food for the worms.

Sue Burks says that there is nothing to be worry about. The trees already are shutting down for the winter, so the web worms won't affect the trees.

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Contents: Sue Burks says that the only damage is esteticaly and that it doesn't influence the health of the trees.

According to Forestry Office in Missouri's Conservation Department the web worms won't affect the next year's vegetation.

From Jefferson City... Adam Czerwinski.

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