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U. of M. Fined for Poor English

April 4, 1996
By: Jack Dolan
State Capital Bureau

The Senate voted overwhelmingly to cut $500,000 from the University of Missouri budget, Jack Dolan has the story from Jefferson City.

OutCue: SOC

Western Missouri Senator Harold Caskey told his colleagues that a pharmacology student at the University of Missouri at Kansas City failed a class because she couldn't understand the foreign teaching assistant's accent.

Caskey suggested the university make two changes:

Actuality: Caskey
Contents: Caskey said the University needs to make professors actually teach the classes they are assigned to and, when a teaching assistant is needed, that assistant should be proven proficient in English.

University Systems Director Dave Lendt said all foreign teachers and teaching assistants already have to pass a video taped practice teaching test to demonstrate their English ability.

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