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Colors of the Fall

September 5, 1996
By: Ciprian Baltoiu
State Capital Bureau

Yellow will be the color of this fall in Missouri. Ciprian Baltoiu has the story.

Ciprian Baltoiu
OutCue: SOC

Last fall it was so dry the leaves just turned brown and fell of the trees, but this time should be different.

The color of this fall seems to be yellow. Intensity of color depends upon several factors, the rain that we've had this past summer, insects and diseases that might have affected the leaves.

Bruce Palmer, a forest tree information specialist with the Departament of Conservation says this year will be better.

Actuality: Bruce Palmer
OutCue: better than average
Contents: Bruce Palmer says: we've had good moisture around the state ,and the trees are healthy, and I expect this year to be better than average.

It's seems like we will have a long and yellow fall this year in Missouri.

From the State Capitol I'm Ciprian Baltoiu

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