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Governor's Anti-Crime Legislative Package

January 11, 1996
By: Adrienne Baughman
State Capital Bureau

Governor Carnahan outlined his anti-crime initiative for this year's legislative session saying he want's to crack down on sex offenders.

Adrienne Boff-man has the story from Jefferson City.

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Governor Carnahan, says he's committed to tougher sentencing laws for sex crimes and child abuse.

To do that, the Governor has outlined his anti-crime initatives for the current legislative session.

Calling predatory sex offenders a "menace to Missouri", the Governor supports new laws that would keep tabs on sex offenders.

Actuality:Gov. Carnahan
Contents: [180K WAV file - Governor says his plan focuses on untreatable sex offenders.]

The Governor also made stops in St. Louis and Kansas City outlining his anti-crime initatives.

From the state Capitol, I'm Adrienne Baughman.

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