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Opponents Call English-Only Bill Xenophobic

March 27, 1996
By: Kimberly Lohman
State Capital Bureau

Opponents to an English-only bill being debated in the Missouri House are calling the measure anti-immigrant. Kimberly Lohman (low-man) in Jefferson City has the story.

Story:Kimberly Lohman

A bill to make English Missouri's official language would require all government documents to be printed in English only.

Kansas City Representative Steve McLuckie calls the measure xenophobic because it makes it harder for immigrants to access government services.

But the bill's sponsor, Independence Representative Dick Franklin, says his bill does not discriminate.

Actuality:Rep. Franklin
RunTime: :18
Contents: [196K WAV file - Franklin says his bill to make English the official state language tells immigrants they're not going to get a free ride.]

Having promoted an English-only initiative for eight years, Franklin says it's important to keep the bill clean to ensure speedy passage.

From the state capitol, I'm Kimberly Lohman.

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