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English First Campaign Comes to Missouri

January 30, 1996
By: Adam Levine
State Capital Bureau

The campaign for English first fires up in Missouri. Adam Levine has that story from Jefferson City.

The cause is led by Senator Peter Kinder from Cape Girardeau who says his goal is to perserve English as the common language for everyone.

The bill would not allow public documents to be printed in foreign languages. At a Senate Committee hearing Kinder's bill faced empassioned oppositon from David Winton of the Missouri Jewish Federtation. Winton warned of the potential inequities of such a restricitive bill.

Actuality: David Winton
RunTime: 12 sec.
OutCue: "... fast as possible."
Contents: [73K WAV file - Winton says refugees coming into the nation need to have every available resource to be able to become employed as fast as possible. ]

Winton says non-english speakers would be unable to get a license or read a bus schedule, making it very difficult for them to get a job and be productive in their communities. From the State Capitol, I'm Adam Levine.

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