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No Health Insurance Plan from Governor

January 17, 1996
By: Phill Brooks
State Capital Bureau

Missouri's governor presented to state lawmakers Wednesday his recommendations for the 1996 legislative session. Phill Brooks reports from Jefferson City on one item that was NOT included in the governor's list:

Noticably absent from the governor's agenda -- for the second year in a row -- is that sweeping health insurance regulation package he had tried to get passed two years ago.

Carnahan says the opposition is just too strong:

Contents: [164K WAV file - The governor says there's no concensus on health care insurance regulation.]

While the governor's staying out of the health-care regualtion fight, it still will be an issue in this year's legislative session.

Once again, St. Louis City Senator John Scott has proposed a bill that would impose much tougher state regulation over health maintenance organizations.


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